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  • Street Surfing In New Jersey!

    Posted on August 1, 2012 by Shaun

    As the name suggest, when the rain gets bad in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, things flood. Most would consider this a natural disaster but it seems that the residents of this East Coast town know how to take the inconvenience in their stride.

    None more so than Brennan Bollard and pals, who took to the surprisingly busy streets for a spot of new past time that they like to call street surfing! Enjoy!

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  • Women In The Water

    Posted on August 1, 2012 by Shaun

    We give the action the action sports bros plenty of airtime on the Brokenscene blog. So, how's about we show a little respect for some of the talents of the fairer sex?

    This neat little GoPro montage stars kitesurfers Melissa Gill, Diana Salom and Kalia Aguera demonstrating their rather enviable life on the waves in and around the Bahamas and Costa Rica. Nice.

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  • Bobby Brown: Bobby's Life Episode 15

    Posted on July 31, 2012 by Shaun

    While you could be forgiven for thinking that every action sports athlete with access to a GoPro and a handheld camera now has their own weekly web series, skiier Bobby Brown isn't just anyone. This guy has picked up no less than four Winter X Games gold medals for Slopestyle and Big Air events and can proudly claim to be the only person ever to have landed a Switch Double Misty 1440.

    Sure, there may be have been 14 episodes of Bobby's Life before this one but this is a good 'un. Along with his ski buddies Karl Fostvedt, Bank Gilberti, Sean Jordan, Clayton Vila and Will Berman, Bobby enjoy an epic session on Schweitzer Mountain in Idaho.

    It has also introduced us to a practise know as 'Icing', where you are forced to chug a bottle of Smirnoff Ice if you discover one hidden in your bag (or attached to your skis). Who cares if Smirnoff Ice is a girls drink - free booze!


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  • Rad The Groms Tour America - Part 7

    Posted on July 30, 2012 by Christian Stevenson

    Day 8 on tour and I decided to take the 6 Groms off the beaten path to one of my favorite places on planet Earth, Lake Powell.
    Lake Powell is 187 miles long and boasts more coastline than the west coast of America.

    The Lake can be found in two of America's biggest states....Utah and Wyoming(I think I have those states right).
    When I was doing my snowboarding seasons in Vail, Colorado back in the early to mid 90's, we would celebrate the end of the snow with a trip to Lake Powell.

    So, I thought it would be a nice treat to show the Groms the awesomeness that is Lake Powell. It's like the Grand Canyon with a Lake in it! Perfect.

    An old friend of mine, Tim Burke, drove over 800 miles with his primo Wakeboarding boat. I wanted the groms to learn to wakeboard from behind a pimpmobile. One thing the public doesn't know is that Tim's truck that was used to pull the boat, blew up halfway through the journey. Tim bought a big ass expensive pickup truck from a local Truck dealership that was next to the gas station housing his destroyed vehicle. I owe Tim so much for doing that. The only truck strong enough to pull the boat was in the colour of red and Tim doesn't like red trucks. Sorry, Tim! Tim still owns that Red pickup truck.

    This episode should of featured Tim teaching the groms how to wakeboard, but he was stuck in the middle of bumblefudge egypt dealing with a blown engine. So, this episode features the groms fishing, swimming, watersliding, and cannonballing around the houseboat that I hired for a couple days.

    One of my favourite Daily Grinds is in this show. And one of my favourite lines I've ever uttered to a camera is in this Daily Grind. It's the bit where I describe all the switches on the houseboat. "I have no idea what they do. But, I did find one very useful switch. It turns off Ross McGouran....I just flip it like this BOINK. Ha! No more Ross McGouran. I need to get one of these installed in my watch."
    Ross and I have been on so many tours. I love the dude but we enjoyed winding each other up. It was fun to mess with him like this. No hard feelings, Ross!

    The end of the show features little, Lewis Monks, catching a big ass Carp. Lewis fishes with his dad back in the UK so he was uber stoked to catch one of these elusive bastards in America on a 12 dollar fishing rod.


    Christian Stevenson
    Director of Brokenscene

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  • Sheckler Sessions: X Games And More With Ryan Sheckler

    Posted on July 27, 2012 by Shaun

    We always like the think that the life of a pro skater is pretty glamorous. But in reality, things are very different... Actually, that's a complete lie. In the latest episode of Sheckler Sessions, Ryan Sheckler and buddies appear to be having an awesome time; competing in the X Games and DC Street League, eating junk food, having fun by the pool. It's awesome to be a pro skater!


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  • WE: A Collection of Individuals

    Posted on July 27, 2012 by Shaun

    WE: A Collection of Individuals is yet another epic movie from Red Bull Media House which follows a group of Skiing buddies who travel to around the world (to places such as British Columbia, Alberta, France, Switzerland, USA, Alaksa and more) in search of epic powder lines.

    Where the belief before was that Skiing can be quite an individual sport, WE shows us that it is actually a collaborative effort of many to scout, build, transport and watch each other's back.

    WE stars the likes of Sean Pettit, Bobby Brown, Pep Fujas, Dane Tudor, Leigh Powis, Clayton Vila, Sean Jordan, Karl Fostvedt, and many, many more and will be available to buy on DVD and downloaded through iTunes on 10th September. You can find out more about the film at the official site.

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  • Red Bull Harbour Reach 2012

    Posted on July 24, 2012 by Christian Stevenson

    It's not every day that a sleepy little harbour gets turned into a wakeboarding paradise, but when Red Bull are involved you know anything is possible. Following on from the 2011 success, Red Bull's Harbour Reach came back in 2012 to be bigger and better. Taking place on the southern coast at Lyme Regis, Industry Wakeparks built and installed a bespoke 'wakepark' especially designed for the harbour.

    14 of Europes best wakeboarders came down to jump the Grade 1 listed harbour wall, along with performing tricks on a number of custom built features, including the first Quarter Pipe ever to be seen in UK competition.

    Dominik Hernler came away with the overall victory, but the locals were the real winners getting to experience another world class event from the guys at Red Bull. They even had the chance to meet our director Christian, who was one of the hosts at the event!

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  • Wave Machine At Wadi Adventure!

    Posted on July 23, 2012 by Shaun

    Being nearly 200km from the coast on the border between the United Arab Emirates and Oman might not be the most obvious location on the world to go surfing. However, in the wealthy regions of the UAE, minor issues such as geography are inconsequential.

    Filmed at Wadi Adventure (a sort of water park come adventure activity centre) in Al Ain, UAE, these surfers Leon Bennett and Luke Cunningham showed that while the waves may be fake but the talent is very much real.


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  • Nitro Circus 3D - Behind The Scenes

    Posted on July 20, 2012 by Shaun

    Nitro Circus 3D is nearly here!

    It feels like we have been waiting for Travis Pastrana and the rest of the Nitro Circus crew's first feature-length movie, but now we're ust a few weeks away from the US cinematic release of could well be cinema's finest display of death-defying stunts ever captured to film

    So, take a look at some a selection of these 'Behind the Nitro' clips that offer exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage of some of the stunts we can expect to see and a little insight into went on while making the movie. Not to mention footage of TP looking more terrified than we have ever seen him before. And, uh, kind of admitting to excessive Viagra use. Lyn-z must be so proud.

    Anyway, Nitro Circus 3D will premiere on August 7th and will be in theatres across the USA 8th August. The rest of the world are currently still waiting for a release date. DON'T KEEP US WAITING!!

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  • Holy Crap Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Is Back!

    Posted on July 19, 2012 by Shaun

    Sometimes we feel sorry for young people. No, not their healthy, thin bodies, luscious, flowing hair or infinite capacity for nihilism. We feel sorry that many of them didn't get to experience the frenzied awesomeness of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater when it was released first time around.

    Sure, there have been far  more superior skating videogames since 1999 (such as EA's Skate). And, the Tony Hawk series has since been on an extended nosedive into dreadfulness, sinking to its lowest point with the godawful Tony Hawk: Ride in 2009.  But there was once a time when Tony Hawk games were the fricking amazing. Everyone with a Playstation owned it. Everyone knew the words to Superman by Goldfinger and You by Bad Religion. Everyone - whether they had given a crap about skateboarding or not before then - knew who the 'Birdman' was.

    So, how stoked were we to find that it has been re-released as a download-only title for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD? Yup, amalgamating the first two Pro Skater games into one, you'll find all your favourite skate parks, soundtrack songs and outrageous tricks back as you remember, with a lovely High Definition graphical overhaul.

    That's not to say there haven’t been any changes; some of the skaters are new (the roster now includes Lyn-z Pastrana, Chris Cole, Nyjah Huston and Tony Hawk's son Riley) and there are several new game modes and online modes, such as Big Head Survival, Graffiti Mode and Trick Attack.

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD won't have quite the same impact with gamers new to the series as those who played the original. Plus, gameplay from the 1990's might not hold up quite so well today, but this is a seriously rad trip through memory lane!

     Available now for 1200MS points or $15.00/£10.20 on PS3/ PC.


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